Lilith Lane’s album of solo acoustic songs Trickery on piano and guitar, is out now on your favourite digital platforms and vinyl pre-order on Bandcamp. This is her fourth album release.

Her previous albums Pilgrim (Beast Records), Gold Diamond, Lilith Lane (self-titled), can be found on Bandcamp as well as other digital music outlets.


Baxter Avalon is Lilith Lane’s retro synth-wave pop pseudonym. A project born out of experimentation with songwriting ‘in-the-box’. Beats and synths are background to a dynamic live performance. Most recent release Corio is the autobiographical tune of Baxter Avalon, a character based on who Lilith might have been if she’d stayed in the northern suburbs of Geelong where she lived the first few years of her infant life. Find Baxter Avalon videos and music here: