Lilith Lane’s album of solo acoustic songs on piano and guitar, Trickery, will be available as a digital release through online music services from June 20th. This will be her fourth album release.

Trickery acoustic songs album

“There’s beauty and brutality in simplicity, my album of self-accompanied acoustic songs, ‘Trickery’, is expectedly intimate and raw. I recorded these on piano or guitar in my Melbourne studio in the disconnected year of 2022 where spending time with others was a difficult thing. I visit themes of the relationship of song-writing to seclusion, nature’s constant reminders of mortality, first loves, death, intimacy, violence and connection. It’s a deeply personal collection in a simplistic format, a departure from the jangling electric guitars of my garage blues band record ‘Pilgrim’. I was planning to record these with a band, but decided that the intimate performances capture the mood of the times. I hope you enjoy these quiet sometimes dreamy, sometimes dark stories and melodies.” -Lilith Lane


Baxter Avalon is Lilith Lane’s retro synth-wave pop pseudonym. A project born out of experimentation with songwriting ‘in-the-box’. Beats and synths are background to a dynamic live performance. Most recent release Corio is the autobiographical tune of Baxter Avalon, a character based on who Lilith might have been if she’d stayed in the northern suburbs of Geelong where she lived the first few years of her infant life. Find Baxter Avalon videos and music here: