As well as making her own music, Lilith Lane produces, records and mixes other select artists. Visit the Venus production page for enquiries.

Bruha Bee - Give You The Stars
Baxter Avalon - Luna Park
The Cliffy Davis
Lilith Lane
Cash - Baby Go Down
Glomesh - Factory Heart
Black Pony Express - Love in a Cold Place
Countdown Live
Lilith Lane Pilgrim
Lilith Lane - Gold Diamond
Undercover Crops
The Fix Ups - Enter Your Soul
Sonia Serin - London You're A Thief
Cash - Bad JuJu
Baxter Avalon - Witness
Angie Heart - Grounded Bird


  • BOUCLETTE– Produce, record, mix at Rollingstock
  • CASH– debut EP- Produce, record, mix at Newmarket
  • UNDERCOVER CROPS- debut EP Produce, record, mix at Rollingstock
  • GLOMESH– Factory Heart single- Mastering
  • THE FIX UPS- ‘Enter Your Soul single’- Vocal production, co-mix, mastering.
  • SONIA SERIN- ‘London You’re a Thief’- Vocal production, co-mix.
  • BRUHAH BEE- ‘Enter your Soul’- Vocal production, co-mix, mastering.
  • BAXTER AVALON– ‘Witness’, ‘Luna Park’- Write, perform, record, mix.
  • LILITH LANE- Debut, Gold Diamond, Pilgrim-Write, perform, produce.
  • BLACK PONY EXPRESS– Vocals and keys, record and tour.
  • ANGIE HART– ‘Grounded Bird’ Vocals, keys, guitar-, record and tour.
  • COUNTDOWN SPECTACULAR– DVD and tour- keys.