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Pilgrim cover.jpg

Studio album # 3 Lilith Lane ‘Pilgrim’ >> vinyl release- Australia  2015

Personnel>> Ramon Moreira- recording engineer | Guadelupe Plata- session band |Location>> DGR Sonica, Madrid, Spain

Personnel>> Mike Mariconda- mix engineer | Location>> Figment Studios, Austin Texas

Cover photograph>> Daniel Campbell

Label>> Beast Records | Distributor>> Buttercup Records

Pilgrim cover Thumbnail

Studio album # 3 Lilith Lane ‘Pilgrim’ >> CD release- France 2013

Label>> Beast Records  || Original drawing >> Lilli Hartmann

GD front cover Thumbnail

Studio album # 2 Lilith Lane ‘Gold Diamond’ >> CD release- Australia 2010

Personnel>>  Peter Luscombe- drums | Bill McDonald- bass |Biddy Connor- viola |Kate Connor- violin | Lilith Lane- Piano, guitar & vocals.  Distributor>> FUSE MUSIC Group.

Record and Mix engineer>> Aaron Cupples.

LL debut cover Thumbnail

Studio album # 1 “Lilith Lane” >> CD release- Australia 2010

Personnel>> Peter Luscombe- drums, Bill McDonald- bass, Lilith Lane- guitar, piano, vocals  || Tim Johnston- record and mix engineer

Location >> Bakehouse Studios  ||  Label>> FUSE MUSIC Group


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