Les Yé-Yé Girls

In the 60’s it was fashionable to have cute ladies dancing and singing in front of a male pop band.  In France these were called Yé-Yé girls and added excitement and eye candy to the performance.  Founded by Yolanda DeRose, Les Yé-Yé Girls is a Melbourne collective of female musicians reproducing 60’s French pop by artist such as Serge Gainsbourg and France Gall with a rotating line up of killer players and dancers.  This clip is the least French, and least 60’s of the setlist but exceptionally captures the energy of Les Yé-Yé Girls of Melbourne (courtesy of JD Strobist) at local live music venue the Labour in Vain in Fitzroy.


Les Yé-Yé Girls include: Marlene Samson-Lead vox/keys, Yolanda DeRose- Bass/guit/vox, Ashley Hart- guitar, Lilith Lane- Keys/guit/vox,  Lauren Lime- Drums,  Jess Patterson- keys/vox, Amanda Barbour- moves/vox, Jessica Isgro- vox/moves, Cassandra McCawley- guitar, Ash Acid- percussion.


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