LISTEN/WATCH NOW- Desert, nomad, pilgrim……..

desert, gypsy, pilgrim........

LILITH LANE- ‘Slow Creeper’ song from the album ‘Pilgrim’
Filmed Lilith Lane and Tracy De Vetter.  Edited by Agostino Soldati.

“I made a few trips out to this patch of land before Tracy came to help with the final daylight shots.  The closing silhouette shot was nicely framed but I knocked the camera as I was rushing out to catch the sunset.  It meant that you can see the Venus star fighting against the camp lights.  A happy accident.  I’m weaving the desert grass skirt I would wear in the ‘Sun Set Fire’ clip and the flower wreath was a gift from De Vetter on a shitty desert birthday that acts as a portal to other realms.  The wreath makes an appearance in the ‘Wicked’ and ‘I Could Get Used To This’ clips as well.  It’s a slow creeper the deep effect being in nature can have on the human condition.  Reach for the stars Apollo.” – Lilith Lane

A  neo-anti-institutionalized-religion gospel tune.  A nature devotional.  The film clip to this song was made on a little patch of desert that has most likely been blown up and sifted through for iron ore to keep our modern lives ticking over.  I wonder if when Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon he was thinking of the spacecraft bits that were reaped from the earth to get it there? Did you know that he secretly took communion?  He must have been thinking along the lines of “how the **** did I get here?  I hope I make it back alive” more so than the impact of humanity on the environment.


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