LISTEN/WATCH- Ode to Jessie……

‘Ode to Jessie’ is a song inspired by the novel ‘The Burial’ written by Courtney Collins and published by Allen & Unwin, Australia. ‘The Burial’ is based on the life of little known female Australian bushranger Jessie Hickman who roamed the Widden Valley in New South Wales in the early 1900’s.

Filmed and edited by Lucy McCallum from Twelfth House Films in the Scrap Museum at Bakehouse Studios Richmond in Melbourne, Australia July 2013.

“I asked Lucy last minute to help me record a live version of this song on film upstairs at Bakehouse a few days before I headed overseas for a long trip. She brought along her little blue heeler pup Sophie who is deaf but was intrigued by my piano playing nonetheless. She ended up in a lot of the footage. We snuck in early in the morning to Bakehouse to record before all the rehearsal bands arrived. You can hear the puppy moving around the room and the traffic noise of Hoddle Street. I first performed this song in this same room for the Melbourne launch party of ‘The Burial’ for Courtney Collins.”- LILITH LANE


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